Platform #19; your content as a Telegram chatbot

We love Telegram. It's an amazingly easy to use, secure and feature-rich Instant Messaging app. Best of all, just like 1stbase, its development team has taken great pains to make it work on all platforms!

A few months ago, Telegram launched their Bot API, allowing developers to create feature-rich chat bots to provide its users with new ways of getting interesting content and sharing that content with their friends and family.

1stbase being 1stbase, we of course set out to bring our users' content to this new platform. So, Ivo locked himself up for the weekend and when he emerged, the deed was done;

All our 1stbase users are now able to offer their content as a chat bot. Any Telegram user can query the bot directly one-on-one ("show me the menu", "what is your location") and browse the full content with easy in-line buttons.

It is also possible to involve the bot's results in a conversation (aka "using the bot in-line") by directing a question at it. This allows a Telegram user to quickly grab a restaurant's location ("@thegrosvenorhotel map") and share it in the conversation, or even browse, for example, the menu together with the other participants. The menu pages update real-time for every participant of the conversation.

Chat bots have really taken off in the past couple of years and are here to stay. Now, thanks to 1stbase doubling as a chat bot builder (just like it doubles as a website, app, brochure, etc. builder), anyone can have their own chat bot!

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