Unlimited redesigns

Full 24/7 access to your own artificially intelligent designer (our Automated Design Assistant "ADA") means your 1stbase presence's designs are never out of date and always look consistent with your brand and preferences.

"Can you make it look a bit more modern?", "It's too colourful", "I don't like the red", "Please move the navigation down"; they are all valid ways of expressing aspects of your design brief and helping ADA think in the right direction.

If you are more of a control freak, you can also micro-manage ADA by going through each of her design suggestions and adding or removing them to suit your needs.

Alternatively, you can stimulate ADA's neural net directly by directly sending impulses into the different creative areas of her brain, to quickly nudge her in the right direction.

Rather than browsing yet another collection of templates and grappling with yet another DIY drag & drop interface for yet another platform, service or medium, 1stbase and ADA free you up to let you do what you are good at; running your business, blog, band or Kittens Appreciation Society.

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